Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fantasie Impromptu

Digital Paint. My mothers suffering and
triumph over the debilitating illness that is manic depression.
Music and the piano have been her ally and friend
throughtout her life, keeping her head above water.
Sonic Cymatics, the idea that sound and in this case music, can
alter and change the recipient. That music has changed the very cell
and structure of a living being, seems plausible to me on reflection
of my Mothers life and her triumph over manic depression,
with music and the piano as her ally.

And in the distance the Calming hum of bees

And in the distance the Calming hum of bees: Digital 2003
The wonder of childhood, that day dreaming stare, as wind lifts
your hair and the sun glints in your eyes. The story of a little girl
and her adventure one afternoon into the realm of the bees.

Australian Green Tree Frog

Digital Paint


Digital Paint

Odin with Hugin (thought) Munin (memory)

Digital Painting of the Norse God Odin with his trusty allies Hugin and Munin who were sent out at dawn to gather information from the world and return in the evening to perch on his shoulders and whisper the news into his ears.

Rogue 2007

Textures created for the head and mouth for the hero crocodile.

Textures for Anacondas

All textures created for the Anacondas

Matte Painting

Anaconda : Hunt for the Blood Red Orchid 2004

Cathedral of Trees

Matte Painting, personal project: Cathedral of Trees: Digital. 2005 The idea behind this piece is that nature will over come, largely inspired by the music of Loreena McKennitt.
The concept was to create an environment, a sacred celtic realm, a cathedral formed of trees. I chose the Morten Bay Fig tree for it’s butress roots, in keeping with the idea of cathedral building, inspired by Notre Dames architectural structure.

Matte Painting

Matte Painting of 1940's New York for the feature film The Game of Their Lives 2004

Mona The Holy Tree