Monday, January 31, 2011

Ellas Tree Sculpture

Choosing which composition. Sculpture now needs to be fired and painted, then lit correctly for reference. Thought the symbolism of the doorway in the tree (one which that's always been fascinating to me) can relay the idea rather than just a hollow as in the initial sketch.

Ellas Tree

This is really an Ode to Arthur Rackham and his many beautiful enchanting trees.

What begun as a sketch for my daughter, has turned out to be a venture in sculpting. Initially the idea was to create a doorway in which the traveller can climb through, to gain access to the realms of the imagination. The sculpture was created primarily to give me a real three dimensional object in which I could move and interact with, to get the most dynamic composition. The feeling needing to be captured is one of a secret enchanted tree, found by chance, behaving in a fantastical way, perched un naturally from a mountainside with a fisheye distortion. So now the problem still remains choosing the most interesting perspective! There is too much choice now, it seems to be a problem that re occurs, never having one single voice but many. Then there is photoshop, with hours of constant dabbling of a canvas that never get's dry :)