Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clouds in the sea

The Clouds Have Burst Ella.

"The Clouds Have Burst Ella"

Second automatism painting. After describing to my daughter, Ella, how clouds fill with water and burst with rain, it became apparent that a cloud is filled with memory. If water is a metaphor for memory then it stands to the imagination (not reason) that a cloud is a sparkling giant puff of a citadel and shrine to our memories.

Monday, September 15, 2014

These past two weeks have been quite productive, the significant reason being a space to create in, what a world of change that has brought to my focus and frenzy to finally make works, years of pent up artist frustration unleashed!

Here are some snaps of the last couple of weeks. I thank in large part for this the enabling and encouraging established artist and mentor, Lynne Sandri.

 Also the words of Agnes Martin on the Freedom of Mind. Reading her words has really opened the door. You can read some of her amazing insights here:


A painting in the technique of Automatism, a tool used by surrealists and writers alike, used to tap into the subcoinscious mind. Cy Twombly was a big advocate of it. It is truly a spiritual revelation to work in this paradigm.

The Essence of You, a monochromatic work, soon to be glazed.

In the studio with Liora today.

Some Precious Things around the studio.