Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nine Wellington artists are having a special pop-up Christmas art sale at the Sea Star Gallery in Seatoun, where I will be part of the working studio in the new year with the wonderful talent Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith. Really  looking forward to being a part of the local community and fabulous artists from around the area.

Nicola Dench
Inga Fillary
Belinda Griffiths
Stephanie Lightsmith
Mandi Lynn
Jolanda Norris
Liz Ritchie
Fraser Wyeth
Katherine Wyeth
Contact Information
facebook Sea Star Studio
Tel: (04) 891 0726

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A portrait of Hugh, a commission and a great excuse to try a new technique, glazing. Not sure I've mastered this technique by any means, the beauty of glazing is it's gorgeous quality to build layers of color, in thin washes, so light bounces around the canvas, creating a realistic like quality. My teacher has been incredibly helpful in developing this technique, any excuse for creativity a midst the cleaning and the dishes is a welcome one, a diversion from the monotony of the house. Here is the first attempt, starting with burnt sienna, a rich golden color. Then adding french ultramarine. alizarin crimson (who can't be inspired by a name like that), Indian pale yellow and finally re touching the flesh tones, pulling down the brightness of the hair and balancing the colors. There seems to be so much to learn in painting, maybe even a lifetime does not suffice, but it's wonderful trying.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

This new series for the NZ Art Show, all deal with music, motion and memory at a cellular level, frozen in a place in time. They seek to capture both macro and micro worlds, the series began with the Flow of Memory, inspired by a piano phrase in Tchaikovsky's  No.1 Concerto. The artworks are a series which  communicates the recycling of our selves from life to death, coming from the universe and returning to the universe. Questioning where it is we come from and where our memories go once we pass. 

The main inspiration for this body of work, revolves around  fascination with light and water, it’s reflections and refraction's. Exploring of this subject matter seeks to convey a world that evokes the human connection with water as a form, but also with it’s deeper symbolism around emotions, movement, light and memory, portraying the realm of life at a cellular level. Energy and memories moving as if in the flow with a musical score.

Impromptu In C# Minor, is dedicated to my Nana, the Sculptor Margaret Pascoe. We dearly miss you Nana.

Fecund, 2013
Oil on Canvas
40 cm diameter

Impromptu in C# Minor, 2013
Oil on Canvas
120 cm x 60 cm

Nectar of Flowers, Memories of Gold, 2013

Oil on Board
27 cm diameter
Toccata in Blue, 2013
Oil on Canvas
60 cm x 60 cm


Still forming content around the idea of memories, Fecund is part of the Memory series started last year for the NZ Art Show. This piece looking at the memories of sunshine and nectar.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rooftop of the World Necklace

Inspired by the Himalayan regions, this turquoise, sterling silver, coral (dyed eco friendly) and pearl necklace is a handmade gift I just made,  from me and the girls, to their Nanny Jane. What a truly wonderful person she has been in our life and this is a small thank you, from a region she adores.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Oil Painting off the Easel

This year marks the beginning of painting with oils. It's only been some 20 years in coming. "In the Distance, the Calming Hum of Bees" has found it's way from digital to paint. Which is in some ways is funny, given my thesis was researching Paintbrush to Pixel, here I find myself exploring the wonders of the timeless medium. The reason this painting came about, is largely due to a good cause, which made for a heart felt drive to push myself beyond being self conscious of my art and create for a much needed cause, the building and construction of a home for under privileged children  in Nilakottai, India. All proceeds made through art sales as well as ticket sales will go directly towards the new children s home.