Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A portrait of Hugh, a commission and a great excuse to try a new technique, glazing. Not sure I've mastered this technique by any means, the beauty of glazing is it's gorgeous quality to build layers of color, in thin washes, so light bounces around the canvas, creating a realistic like quality. My teacher has been incredibly helpful in developing this technique, any excuse for creativity a midst the cleaning and the dishes is a welcome one, a diversion from the monotony of the house. Here is the first attempt, starting with burnt sienna, a rich golden color. Then adding french ultramarine. alizarin crimson (who can't be inspired by a name like that), Indian pale yellow and finally re touching the flesh tones, pulling down the brightness of the hair and balancing the colors. There seems to be so much to learn in painting, maybe even a lifetime does not suffice, but it's wonderful trying.

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