Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ella's Dream Flight

For me little honey bee, Ella Bear. Your Dream flight atop the 
Barn Owl. Hoot Hoot.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Experimenting with oils for the next NZ Art Show, really feels like a child in rapturous awe and excitement again for the first time in an age. The freedom to be able to create and get in touch with that fire, without any constraints or need for huge amounts of attention to detail and deadlines, as with my previous job in the film industry, has been a breath of fresh air. The dual nature of my personality has seen to it that my love of illustration take a breath also and here is the preliminary sketch of Ella Dream Flying. My childhood was filled with dreams of flying and the image of a twilight night flight atop a barn owl seems a somewhat delicious one to me. Painting to follow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

NZ Art Show 2012

Very excited and lucky to be a part of this years NZ Art Show. The Show calls for:

The New Zealand Art Show is a three day visual feast for art lovers and those interested in purchasing original New Zealand Art for under $5,000.

The show exhibits and sells work by hundreds of new, emerging and established artists from around New Zealand. Each year there is an enormous variety of art styles, genres and media. All artwork exhibited has been subject to a selection process promising affordable and quality works of original NZ art.  
This is my first foray into the fine art world, which will be interesting having come from a commercial digitalartist background. Given that works need to be original one offs, it has occurred to me that this is a great opportunity to branch out and try different mediums to incorporate with my digital creations. This has involved a lot of research into just how possible oils and acrylics will adhere to the ink pigments printed on canvas.  A very lovely and well established artist, Lynne Sandri, who can be found here  has been generous in providing me with education in the area of painting and the show which has led to this all becoming possible. Sometimes life throws you a line and I think it's important to take it and take the risk. So, I have set about creating a series of new works to achieve that goal, dealing with the idea of memories. Where they come from and where they go once we pass on. Here's to a wonderful country full of creative talents. Cheers Wellington New Zealand.
The Flow of Memory

A Dream Remembered

Just A Fleeting Glimpse

Finished Mixed Media Canvas Paintings for 
the NZ Art Show in August