Sunday, June 30, 2013

This new series for the NZ Art Show, all deal with music, motion and memory at a cellular level, frozen in a place in time. They seek to capture both macro and micro worlds, the series began with the Flow of Memory, inspired by a piano phrase in Tchaikovsky's  No.1 Concerto. The artworks are a series which  communicates the recycling of our selves from life to death, coming from the universe and returning to the universe. Questioning where it is we come from and where our memories go once we pass. 

The main inspiration for this body of work, revolves around  fascination with light and water, it’s reflections and refraction's. Exploring of this subject matter seeks to convey a world that evokes the human connection with water as a form, but also with it’s deeper symbolism around emotions, movement, light and memory, portraying the realm of life at a cellular level. Energy and memories moving as if in the flow with a musical score.

Impromptu In C# Minor, is dedicated to my Nana, the Sculptor Margaret Pascoe. We dearly miss you Nana.

Fecund, 2013
Oil on Canvas
40 cm diameter

Impromptu in C# Minor, 2013
Oil on Canvas
120 cm x 60 cm

Nectar of Flowers, Memories of Gold, 2013

Oil on Board
27 cm diameter
Toccata in Blue, 2013
Oil on Canvas
60 cm x 60 cm

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