Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Memories of Blue Technical information.

A little insight into the process involved in creating a piece like Memories of Blue (soon to be made in perspex.)

My final year of study sort to find a way to embrace both traditional and modern mediums. A highly unique methodology has been researched and developed to create this engaging art piece. A hybrid of traditional and contemporary art practices, this piece culminates both eras of art making.

The software utilised to create the waves structures, allows for complex patterns, not easily formed by hand given natures intricacies, but possible with the advent of the computer married with mathematics. Driven by complex mathematical algorithms which are based in statistical models of deep ocean waves.

Then a time consuming process of cutting the pine wood begins, driven by the computers geometric modelling, the machine forms the sculptures waves. This piece is unique in that it also crosses both disciplines of art, sculpture and oil painting. The wood is then painted in the time honored medium of oils.

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