Friday, March 27, 2015

The Art Instinct

The girls decided to join me in painting yesterday. A lot is learned by imitation, monkey see, monkey do. 

Ella's on the left, Liora's on the right. Different ages and different styles. 

Ella is exploring stylised realism, similar to that of the great Picasso, a whimsical interlude of profound figurative insights. (Lol)

Liora's abstract expressionism of the decipherable Cy Twombly,  colourful scribbles of language, formed by the hand. (Haha)

Both display a love of paint, unseen in any child before, hahaha, Robert Hughes eat your heart out!  The Art Instinct is well and truly alive in this family, thank you Professor Denis Dutton for your invaluable insights and to Mark Barrett for handing his book in my direction.

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